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Shopify and Magento API's



Solemate is  fully integrated with Shopify & Magento online stores via an API in real time.

Our API for e-Commerce integration works as an automated process so the updates of stock details, stock inventory level and prices in Solemate will propagate to Shopify / Magento and online orders and online sign-up customers will come across to Solemate.


Some of the many features of this integration are:


  • It is a desktop app which can be manually run as an interface app or can be scheduled to run automatically 
  • Has the ability of uploading only a particular range of stock items 
  • Retailers can select (to include/ or exclude) store locations from which the available inventory level will be uploaded
  • Allows users to map Solemate stock items to your websites stock items
  • Uploads new products images into website 
  • Automatically synchronizes stock inventory levels and prices between website and Solemate
  • Prices can be synched at the stock level, colour level or size level
  • Uploads promo (marked down) prices from Solemate into your website
  • Has the ability to set a minimum stock level to import into the website
  • Maps sizes and colours to websites product variants up to 100 variants for each product 
  • Products in Solemate can be mapped either on their Solemate barcodes or SKU
  • Automatically retrieves online orders and refunds including shipping cost and discounts updating Solemate stock levels
  • Retrieves online customer details from Shopify/ Magento websites and posts them into Solemate customer club database updating customer sales history 


Other Website Platforms


If you have already an online website built on a different platform ( other than Shopify / Magento )  we can talk to that also !


Solemate stock data and online sales can be integrated with any web platform via CSV file import / export functionality.