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Retail Back Office

Real Time, Real Results.

Solemate allows retailers to reap real results through an accurate, in-depth inventory system where products are visible by location style, colour and size .....all on one page ! 


This innovative approach means each style specifies the exact colour and size not only available (Stock on Hand) but also what is on order.


Displayed in an easily read matrix format, superior software, second to none.


All data and reports can be exported to excel , saved in PDF or emailed.

Reap Rewards

  • Better Buying Decisions
  • Get Those Margins Right
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Cost



Powerful Reporting

Solemate is fully audited to provide retailer staff, cost and stock control with real time polling and daily breakdowns of sales by staff, department, time and category.


GP reporting by stock and employee, all stock is costed at weighted average, last receipted cost and true cost.


Sales & Profit Reports

  • Daily takings reporting

  •  GP reporting

  • ROI (return on investment) reporting by company, style and maker, right down to size and colour
  • Size sales reporting
  • SOH reporting
  • Stock sales reporting
  • Stock summary reporting by department and maker or brand
  • Stock valued by department
  • Stock Y.T.D best sellers
  • Transfer exceptions reporting
  • Weekly sales reporting

Stock Reports

  • Discount reporting

  • Stock history reporting

  • Valuation reporting by style, season, store, supplier and department

  • Store stock transfer reporting

  • Suggested transfer function

  • Transfer in / out 




Cost Reports

  • Daily banking reporting
  • Daily takings reporting
  • Petty cash reporting
  • Sales by hour reporting

Employee Reports

  • Employee productivity reporting

  • Employee sales reporting

  • Employee timesheet reporting




  • Best buyers reporting
  • Cheap effective in house marketing allowing you to target your customer using various filters – end run targeting made easy
  • Import / export from Excel
  • Redeemed points reporting