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Client Testimonials

Fast speed and Analytics

"Fashion Company of Australia has been using Solemate Software for the past fifteen years."

"We were so impressed with the Wholesale system that we opened our retail stores we looked no further than Solemate Software for a total solution"

Michael Rose CEO Fashion Company of Australia

Ease of use 

"Solemate took our ten retail stores from a manual entry system to a computerized point of sale system smoothly, and in a short period of time. 

"The older staff, many whom had never used computers before, are all now confident as it is very easy to use."

Robert Glason Comfort & Fit Shoes

On Stock Control

"Stocktaking with PDT units downloaded into pos or backoffice has never been easier and quicker without the need for a lot of staff.

Thanks for the free use of stocktake scanners !"

Ray Seminack , 10 Store Retail Manager

On Staff Control

"I can offer staff bonuses to my best staff -with staff productivity report this helps with staff retention, keeps the staff motivated and increases my sales."

David McKenna, Owner, McKenna Shoes

Pop up Stores

"Solemate has made it easy for me to have Pop up stores from one month to three months "

Murray ,Owner, Easy Life Shoes 

On Cash Control

"Its easy to audit the cash at anytime , with the payment breakdowns in the  banking reports"

Gary Yodgee, Owner, Yodgee's Shoes - Melbourne Australia 

Website integration

"We switched our website to Shopify as our older customers complained how hard the old website was to use. It integrate with Solemate seamlessly and our sales increased substantially "

 Anne Birch  Owner Ian's Shoes - South Australia


"My staff enjoy the friendly and prompt support 7 days a week at all hours as Western Australian customers need help outside eastern time "

Les - Gomme's Shoes - Western Australia 


On Customer Control

"Every month we look at our customers who spend above a certain level and reward them by sending them a gift voucher.  This ensures that they will return to any of our stores and keep spending."

Michael Rose, CEO, Fashion Company of Australia

Generic Cloud Software

"We returned to Solemate after trying a generic cloud based product .

Shoes retailers need a product that can clearly show what i have in all locations by colour and size , i was not getting that with my previous cloud generic software"


Karen Footmaster Shoes.



On Wholesale Control

"Solemate Wholesale software has enabled us to offer our huge range of styles in over 50 different size packs and limitless amounts of colours. 

Thanks to Solemate we can offer our customers everything they want and this has allowed us to rapidly grow our business."

Bill Munroe, Wholesale Manager, Styling Services